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Beet Pulp - Catlle Feed - Hen Scratch - Deer Feed & blocks
Dog and Cat food

Horse Feed - Extruded Ration

One and Only - A unique free choice horse diet that needs no additional fortifiers or roughages.
Profile Extruded Horse Nuggets - High energy extruded feed for all classes of horses.

Horse Feed - Pelleted Rations
All around complete 14

Horse Bloom 10% Pellets - A pelleted ration for maintenance of mature horses.
Horse Bloom 12% Pellets - Maintenance protein level for active pleasure horses being worked or trained at moderate levels.
Horse Bloom 14% Pellets - Intermediate protein levels for performance and show horses.
All Around Complete 14%  - Pellet size 3/8" Good for maintenance feed.
Profile 14% High 8% fat Performance Feed
Horse Bloom Senior - A fortified maintenance pelleted ration for mature horses.

Horse Feed - Textured Ration

Horse and Mule 10 - Basic horse Maintenance protein level.
Texan 14 - An Intermediate protein level, textured ration for Performance and Show Horses.
Texan  16 - A high protein textured ration for Broodmares, Mares, Colts, Performance, and Show Horses.
Pleasure HorseMaintenance protein level, textured ration for Active Pleasure Horses being worked or trained at moderate levels.
Somethin' Sweet - An economical sweet feed for all classes of horses.

Horse Feed - Horse Minerals

Futurity Equine Supplement
Wendland's 20% Protein Horse Blocks

Plus many other feeds for Cattle,Chickens, Sheep, Goats, and Pigs
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Lone Star Bedding
#1 Texas Pelletized
Animal Bedding

Rockin B
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Environmental Benefit
Lone Star Bedding is manufactured from 100% pure pine wood fiber. There are no chemicals or binding agents added during the manufacturing process. Wood fiber has a natural binding agent which allows Lone Star Bedding to be extruded in pellet form and is totally environmentally friendly.

Stall Life Duration
Lone Star Bedding has an average stall life duration of 9-12 weeks, according to current user history. Stall life duration may vary depending on the individual animal being stalled.

Ease of Maintenance
Lone Star Bedding is a product that remains in the stall. When picking the stall, only the manure is removed. Because of the manufactured particle consistency, only the solids will be lifted with the stall fork. The wet spot should be stirred into the dry material and allowed to be absorbed for reuse.

Lone Star Bedding absorbs liquids expelled in animal stalls at a rapid rate. The key to a fresh stall and barn is the containment of the liquids before they are allowed to penetrate the floor of the stall. Not only will Lone Star Bedding contain the liquids, but will also absorb the ammonia and keep the barn smelling pine fresh. When using Lone Star Bedding, there is no need to apply lime or any other drying agent to the floor of the animal stalls. Lone Star Bedding will help control flies and insects because of the absorption of ammonia. Lone Star Bedding has the ability to dry itself, absorb ammonia and reuse itself over and over.
Lone Star Bedding absorbs 90% of moisture which assists in fly and insect control and leaves barns smelling pine fresh.

Ease of Handling and Transporting
Lone Star Bedding is packaged in 35 pound bags, which allows many women and children to transport the product. Because of the compact packaging of Lone Star Bedding, the product bags are easily transported to shows and events using minimal transportation space.

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